Tracking and measuring

Hatch your tracking and measuring with ease

Small businesses have the ability to track and measure their website and campaigns like never before. This can provide massive benefits by removing the guess work and helping you make informed decisions. However, the sheer amount of statistics available, and knowing how to correctly interpret them, can make it difficult to know where to start.

How can we help?

  • Google Analytics

    Ensure your Google Analytics, dashboards and reporting are correctly setup for your business.

  • A/B test

    Develop a/b testing for your website to help improve your conversions.

  • Form analytics

    Setup tracking on your website forms to measure conversion rates. 

  • Heatmap tracking

    Install heat-map tracking and visitor recording software to help improve your customers experience.

  • Analysis your data

    Analysis your data and provide recommendations to improve your website and/or campaigns.

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